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  Documentation & Faqs

1. Will iDash run on Linux?
2. What will I need?
3. Will 10.2 be supported?
4. Will this thing control my cellphone?
5. Can I use a different piece of software for road navigation, like Roadnav?

 1. Will iDash run on Linux?
No, iDash is written on Applescript, which is only supported by Apple's Mac OS X. However, there are several different available frontends available for Linux, all of which are going to be a bit more mature than our project. But with that being said, you won't get the plug-and-play easiness of OS X, or any of the other excellent features of the platform.

 2. What will i need?
You'll need any mac that runs OS 10.3. Any mac will do fine, but bear in mind that some apps, like Route 66, require a lot of RAM and processing power. Cell Phone control needs an OS X-supported bluetooth chip, and (obviously) a phone with bluetooth built in.

 3. Will OS 10.2 be supported?
The everyday end user running this program for an in car installment should not have to ask this question. It is expected to stay on top of the updating of the Mac operating system whenever possible. But in the the rare case that it is asked, yes, it is.

 4. Will this thing control my cellphone?
If you desire to control your cellphone, you will have to use a piece of software called BluePhoneElite. They're releasing support for Applescript in their 1.0 release, so we'll be ready to support that when it comes out.

 5. Can I use a different piece of software for road navigation, like Roadnav?
Most of the other pieces of open-source navigation software have the same problems: either they are too slow, or not being actively developed. In addition, all of these apps rely on the US Census' TIGER data, which is freely available, but only available to the US. Route 66 has a european version, which allows international users to navigate in their country. Logo

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