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  About iDash

General Overview:

iDash is software for the newest frontier in computing on the Mac: the car. While OS X does have one of the best user interfaces among all of the operating systems out there, its pretty difficult (not to mention dangerous) to use while driving down the road. iDash is a frontend
that is able to control almost any applications via a plugin written Applescript. Thus enabling the intigration of music, movie and photo collections as well as GPS & Radio features into an easy to use all-in-one application. The project was started by Ryan Green in mid January of 2005, since then the development team has quickly grown and are projecting an initial alpha release in mid-march.

Project Outline:

* License: GPL
* Programming language: AppleScript
* Supported host platforms: (strictly for) OSX

Planned Features: Logo

Copyright © 2005, iDash Dev. Department. All Rights Reserved.